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We’re Going on a Treasure Hunt: QR Code Treasure Hunt

For the second Tech Tip in my “2 Minute Tech Tip” presentation series, I showed the faculty and staff at my school how to use the QR Code Treasure Hunt Generator, which is a free Web 2.0 tool created by Russel Tarr at A QR Code Treasure Hunt is basically a technologically-enhanced scavenger hunt. The clues/questions for the scavenger hunt are encoded using QR codes and the codes have to be deciphered using a QR code reader. We used the “The QR Code Extension” by Manuel Braun from the Chrome Web Store.

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During the faculty meeting presentation, I gave the teachers the opportunity to participate in a QR Code Treasure Hunt dealing with Educational Technology terminology (see here). I had the teachers scan the codes and answer questions about frequently used EdTech terms. I also used this tool with my afterschool student Tech Club to review all the basic rules and policies of Tech Club (see here). For this exercise, I had the students scour the school to find the hidden codes and answer a variety of Tech Club related questions. The students really enjoyed this activity. They had a blast trying to find the codes and answer the questions.

Setting up a QR Code Treasure Hunt is very simple and easy. Just follow these directions:

1. Type Out Questions & Answers
2. Copy & Paste the Questions & Answers Into the Tool Provided by the Website to Generate the QR Codes
3. Print & Display the Codes Around the Classroom or School
4. Keep a Record of Where You Posted Codes

QR Code2

Be sure to take a look at my “QR Code Treasure Hunt” “2 Minute Tech Tip” presentation embedded below, and let me know what you think! It outlines what you need and explains how to use this awesome (and best of all FREE) Web 2.0 Tool in the classroom. It also summarizes what I think are the pros and cons of using this tool.

Happy Tech-ing!

QR Code Treasure Hunt Generator – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires

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