Claymation Mania Feature

Claymation Movie Mania

So if you have been following along with my blog, then you’ll remember that in my very first post, I blogged about an undergraduate class that I took at Winthrop entitled “Integrating Technology to Support Teaching & Learning”.  As I’ve already mentioned, I thoroughly enjoyed this class and it’s part of what sparked my desire […]

Turkey Escape Feature

The Great Turkey Escape

Every year around Thanksgiving, I’m usually teaching students about point-of-view.  I think Thanksgiving is the perfect time to teach this skill because I always enjoy doing some type of project where the students have the opportunity to describe Thanksgiving from the turkey’s point-of-view!  I usually just let the students write about Thanksgiving from the turkey’s […]

2nd Grade Safari Feature

2nd Grade Safari

Ever since I’ve been teaching 2nd grade, we’ve always ended the school year with a big animal research project because one of the South Carolina 2nd grade science standards, standard 2.L.5., states that “the student will demonstrate an understanding of how the structures of animals help them survive and grow in their environments”.  When my […]