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First Things First: Setting Up Chromebooks

Charging Cart1Before I even learned that I would be taking on a larger role in helping to train the teachers at my school to use Chromebooks in their classrooms (see previous post), I had already been working on my own to complete the coursework necessary to become a Google Certified Educator.  I thought that becoming a Google Certified Educator would make me more marketable while searching for a full-time school Technology Coach/Specialist position.

Charging CartAnyway, through the Chromebook training I had already completed online, I learned that one of the most important points to remember when getting started with Chromebooks is that the Chromebooks should be assigned to individual students and those students should use the same device every time to save time logging in and to help keep track of who should be held responsible should any hardware damages occur.


Therefore, I needed to develop a system for labeling and assigning computers before distributing them to teachers to use in their classrooms.  After discussing the issue with other teachers, we decided that using the circular yard-sale-pricing-type dot stickers would be the perfect solution.  I labeled each teacher’s Chromebooks with a different color dot sticker.  I labeled each sticker with the first initial of the teacher’s last name and a number.  For example, the tablets in my classroom are labeled J1-J10 with yellow dot stickers.


Once all the tablets were labeled, I asked each teacher to divide their students into pairs (preferably pairs that get along well because students may occasionally have to work together in pairs on assignments).  Once teachers had their students divided into pairs, I delivered each teacher’s labelled tablets to their classroom and helped them add each pair of students to their assigned tablet.


It was a lot of work on the front end, but the system seems to be working very well, and I think all the teachers appreciated the fact that I came in and helped them add their students to each tablet.  Now that you’ve heard about my labeling system, I’d like to hear from you… How do you label and assign laptops/tablets in your classroom?


Happy Tech-ing!


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