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Google Classroom 101: Accessing & Using Google Classroom

After conducting the “Teacher Technology Needs Survey” (see previous post), I found that most teachers’ greatest need was to figure out how to use the Chromebooks to distribute information or assignments to their students. Grades 3-5 use Edmodo to post assignments and communicate with their classes, but our K-2 teachers were worried that Edmodo would be much too advanced for our young learners. So it was Google Classroom to the rescue!


Google Classroom is an online classroom management system offered through Google Apps for Education (GAfE). It is a tool that helps teachers create, collect, and grade assignments, make class announcements, and communicate with students paperlessly. I like Google Classroom because it is simple and extremely easy to use. I think it will work perfectly for our young learners.

Getting started with Google Classroom is super easy! I created the online tutorial below to help the teachers at my school set up their Google Classrooms. This tutorial includes basic step-by-step directions on how to set up a Google Classroom and it also includes links to a variety of helpful online resources and websites that will help them get started with using Google Classroom in their own personal classrooms.
Let me know what you think! Are there any other helpful tips or resources that I can add?

Happy Tech-ing!

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