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Chromebook Boot Camp: A Guide to Getting Started with Chromebooks

As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, I’ve already been slowly but surely working on becoming Google Certified, so I’m already somewhat familiar with Chromebooks and the Google Apps for Education (GAfE) suite.  However, last week, I had the opportunity to attend a face-to-face training session with at Google Certified trainer from a nearby school district, and it was AWESOME!  My district arranged for this trainer to come in and conduct an introductory training session with our Technology Support Teacher (TST) team on how to get started with using Chromebooks in the classroom.


I really enjoyed the session and I learned a lot.  However, after attending the session, I was faced with the monumental task of relaying all the valuable information I learned to the other K-2 teachers at my school.  I wanted to do more than just conduct a boring, afterschool PD session where I delivered all the info in a dull lecture format.  I wanted to do something more!  I wanted to take the info I learned in the face-to-face training session and blend it with the info I had already learned online through my Google Certification courses to create a type of “reference guide” that teachers could keep and refer back to as needed.

After a lot of thought, I decided to create an interactive infographic “reference guide” that included links to helpful resources, tools, and websites that could help teachers “hit the ground running” with Chromebooks.  I created my infographic using Piktochart, which is a free online infographic creator that I absolutely LOVE!


Once my infographic was complete, I uploaded it to ThingLink, which is a free online tool that allows users to create interactive images that include hyperlinks to videos, photos, and a variety of other media.  Using ThingLink, I added a variety of hotspot hyperlinks to a host of helpful Chromebook resources, tools, and websites.    All the teachers loved this “reference guide”, and I hope that it is something that they will be able to refer back to should any Chromebook questions pop up anytime in the near future.

Be sure to take a gander at my finished interactive infographic embedded below and let me know what you think in the comments area.  Are there any other helpful tips or resources that I can add?
Happy Tech-ing!


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