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Is That Your Final Answer?: Using Plickers in the Classroom

In addition to going into classrooms and helping teachers with technology on an individual basis (see previous post), my principal has also asked me to present a short “Tech Tip” at each faculty meeting this school year. So, I developed a series of quick presentations called “2 Minute Tech Tips” to present during faculty meetings.

The first “2 Minute Tech Tip” I presented was about “Plickers”. You may remember using or have heard about professors using an electronic student response system in college classes called “Clickers”. Well, “Plickers” are a spin-off of this idea and they are essentially just a classroom response system where students use paper “clickers” to respond to multiple choice questions displayed on the board. The paper “clickers” are simply fancy QR codes printed on large cards.




Each student receives a card and when a multiple choice question is displayed on the board, the students hold up their cards in a certain direction to indicate A, B, C, or D as their answer. Once students hold up their cards in the direction needed to indicate their answer choice, the teacher scans the room with the “Plickers” app using their mobile device (such as an iPad or a smartphone), and the answer results are displayed on the board.


“Plickers” are extremely easy to set-up and use in the classroom. They work very similar to the ActiVote devices used with the Promethean software, and they allow teachers to quickly and easily gather formative assessment data. Take a look at my “Plickers” “2 Minute Tech Tip” presentation embedded below, and let me know what you think! It outlines what you need and how to get started with using “Plickers” in the classroom. It also summarizes what I think are the pros and cons for using this Web 2.0 Tool.

Happy Tech-ing!

Plickers – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires

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