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Show Off!: Our First Tech Club Showcase

Well it has been a while since my last post, but the past few weeks have been super busy with end-of-the-year activities. However, the end is in sight—Hello Summer!!!! Anyway, last Tuesday, May 5th was our last Tech Club session for the year. It’s quite a bittersweet sensation. Planning and conducting Tech Club sessions in addition to the regular everyday teacher demands has proven to be quite labor-intensive, but I must admit that it has been a lot of fun as well. I’m so proud of what the students learned and how much they enjoyed each and every one of our sessions together. They really wanted to share what they’ve learned with our whole school, so I decided to host a Tech Club Showcase. It was a great success and everyone loved it!

First, I met with my principal to work out the details of the Showcase. Then, I created an advertisement-type flyer to email out to teachers/staff, to post around the school, and to send home to Tech Club parents to invite them to come celebrate with us.

I really wanted to add some pizazz to the Showcase and make it interactive and hands-on. I didn’t want the students to bore the crowd to death by getting up and presenting their projects one after another, so I decided to set the showcase up in a “drop-in” type format where guests could travel to different stations at their own pace to learn about the different projects we completed. I set up 5 different stations to represent the 5 major projects we completed in Tech Club, and I assigned 2 students to each station.

At these stations, we showcased:
1. Hour of Code – We showed our guests some simple computer coding techniques and allowed them to practice these techniques while trying to complete the “Angry Birds” Hour of Code tutorial.
2. Voki Avatars – We showed our guests how to create virtual avatars using Voki that look and sound like real people! We also gave our guests the chance to “meet” the avatars we created to look like us!
3. Claymation Movies – We explained how we created our Claymation movies and showcased them on the “big screen” for our guests to see (See Previous Post).
4. BeFunky – We showed our guests how we used the BeFunky online photo editing software to create Instagram-worthy “selfies” and we gave them a chance to try to create their own awesome “selfies” (See Previous Post).
5. Tynker Animation – We showed our guests how to use simple computer coding techniques to create cool digital animations using Tynker, which is a computer programming platform for kids.

As the guests rotated through each station, the students explained the project featured at their particular station and gave the guests a chance to experiment and an opportunity to create their own version of the project. We also set up a photo booth station where guests could use props and pose for crazy pictures (see the one of me and my teacher friends below).

In addition, to allowing our guests to experiment with the technology we used, we also provided them with a variety of tasty snacks! Overall, we had a pretty good turn out and I’d say our first Tech Club Showcase was a success! I’m excited to begin working on plans for the next section of Tech Club which will begin in the fall! Be sure to check out our Tech Club Showcase photo gallery featured below and let us know what you think!

Happy Tech-ing!

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