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Whaddya Need?: Teacher Technology Needs Survey

So after learning about my expanded role as a Technology Support Lead Teacher last week (see previous post), I had no idea of where to start training the other K-2 teachers at my school. While becoming a Tech Coach has been a career-long dream of mine, I was at a loss as to where to start the training. Then it hit me! I decided that I would start where any well-seasoned teacher would start any well-planned lesson… with a pre-assessment!


As a classroom teacher myself, I know that there’s nothing worse than sitting through a long, boring professional development session that doesn’t pertain to my teaching needs. Therefore, what better way to get started with this teacher technology training than to let the teachers themselves tell me what they need? We preach differentiation in the classroom all the time when it comes to dealing with young students, but I’ve found that it’s very rarely used in professional development sessions for adult learners. So why not start now?

As a result of this amazing epiphany, I developed a short “Teacher Technology Needs Survey” using Survey Monkey, which is a free online survey creator that allows you to collect and analyze. I wanted the survey to be quick, easy, and as simple as possible because I know from personal experience that classroom teachers are some of the busiest creatures on the planet. So, I created a brief 10 question multiple choice survey that also included an optional section where teachers could explain their technology needs in their own words if they chose to do so.

Teacher learners come from different levels of technology proficiency and different teaching styles, and they all have different needs. I hope that using this survey will allow me to differentiate and personalize my technology training sessions to fit all teachers so that everybody gets what they need.

Be sure to check out my “Teacher Technology Needs Survey” embedded below, and let me know what you think in the comments section. Hope to update you soon!

Happy Tech-ing!


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