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Slide2I wanted to do a fun introductory activity to kick off our very first session of TECH CLUB, and I wanted to create some type of bulletin board to introduce the new members of the club to the whole school, so I decided to smash these two activities into one assignment. Since Instagram and “selfies” are trending now, I decided to capitalize on their popularity to motivate students to get excited about completing our first official TECH CLUB assignment.
1. First, I had the students use their tablets to take several “selfies”.
2. Then, the students uploaded their photos to BeFunky, which is a free online digital photo editing software. I initially, planned to use PicMonkey, which is a similar software, but for some reason our school’s web browser blocked it. However, BeFunky worked just fine. Both programs are kid-friendly and super easy to use. I like them both because they’re web-based programs, which means you don’t have to download any software, and you don’t have to register to use them.
3. After the students uploaded their “selfies”, they cropped their photos into a square shape, applied different filters, and added frames, text and stickers to make the photos look Instagram-like.
4. Once the students were satisfied with their Instagram-like picts, they saved them.
5. Then, earlier in the week, I found this really cool Instagram frame template from a blog entitled “Burlap and Denim”. The template was in Microsoft Publisher format. I saved the 5×7 version of the template to a folder on Edmodo.
6. The students opened up the template from Edmodo, inserted their Instagram-like “selfies”, and changed the username and comments text provided on the template to make their photos look like bona fide Instagram posts.
7. Once the students were finished, we saved their Publisher documents and I let them print 2 color copies of their Instagram posts—one for our display and one for them to take home!
8. I posted the students’ finished “selfies” on a bulletin board entitled “Oh Snap!” with the Instagram logo.
This activity was a great way to kick-off our very first TECH CLUB meeting! I loved seeing the students so engaged in their work, and I also enjoyed seeing their creativity come to life! I’ll definitely be using the BeFunky program again in the near future! Check out my Instagram “selfie” below!

instagram selfie

Happy Tech-ing!

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